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Structured Settlements For Sale

Structured Settlements For Sale is another way of saying that you want to receive a large lump-sum of cash for your structured-settlement. People do this everyday to raise funds that they may be in desperate need of. Factoring companies will buy your structured-settlement, in behalf of an Investor.

The Investor is going to lay-out his hard earned cash in a lump-sum, for the guarantee of future periodic payments. He will have an income-stream for his investment. On the other hand, you will have to sell your annuity at a discount, be clear on this. You will receive less than the total face value of your settlement agreement. This is how you entice an Investor, it is part of the deal. If you don’t discount, you can’t sell it, because nobody is going to buy it and not make any money on the deal.

Why Do People Get A Structured-Settlement?

People who are seriously injured will be offered a structured-settlement agreement. The Defendant will offer a certain amount of money, to be paid off with fixed payments for a fixed period of time. It could be a few years all the way to a lifetime. This is a very versatile agreement, and can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of the claimant. They were designed so that an injured party can have a guarantee of an income-stream into the future.

You can come with different plans for approval by the other side. Maybe you will ask for a lump-sum up front, and followed up by fixed payments over a certain period of years, maybe tied in with the cost of living raises. You can schedule other future lump-sums to meet milestones, like college tuition, etc.

Structured Settlements are being used in all kinds of cases, even with lottery winnings. Sometimes attorney’s fees are paid with one of these agreements. Child Support can be tied in to a structured-settlement. It doesn’t really matter how the accident occurred. Whether it was: an auto accident, workplace injury, slip & fall, medical malpractice, or any other personal-injury case.

Why Would Someone Sell Their Settlement?

The answer to this one is simple..........things change. Just look at the economy, and how it has gone down the tubes for a number of years. The payments you thought were gravy 6 years ago, are now looking a lot smaller. People’s financial conditions change on the drop-of-a-dime. If you are a person who has a settlement agreement that you can sell, consider yourself lucky.

A lot of people wish they had a settlement they could sell. Let’s face it, a sudden windfall of cash can change your life. I have seen this happen many times. Now of course if you get a large lump sum of cash and you squander it away, you will have only yourself to blame.

On the other hand, there are some great case-histories out there. There are those folks who have cashed-in their settlements for a large lump-sum of cash, and then they have done some wise things to prosper. Structured Settlements For Sale could include yours.