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Kudos To The Structured Settlement Industry!

If you’ve landed on this page it must be because you need some cash and you need it quick! If you’ve won a settlement, then it is time to start thinking about how you would like to manage your winnings! Many people rely on the structured settlement industry for lump sum, quick cash payments. 

There are many reasons why someone may have a structured settlement, including:

  1. Lawsuit – When someone wins a lawsuit there is oftentimes a monetary reward as well. It is usually decided by both parties / or the court, how you will receive the payout.
  2. Accident – This could be a payout from an insurance company after getting in a car accident. Sometimes you can get money from your insurance even if you’re at fault!
  3. Lottery – The most common way that people get paid after winning the lottery is via the structured settlement.

While some industries are dying in this economy, the structured settlement industry is doing just fine, and that is because there are so many people that receive these structured settlement payments. Imagine having one million dollars dangled in front of your face only to be yanked away, well that sort of describes structured settlements! When you first agree to the terms of the settlement, you are in a state of euphoria and may think that payments over 30 years is fine…why would you possibly need all of it at one time?

There are so many different reasons why you may need your payout immediately that I can’t even list them all, but one of the main reasons that the structured settlement industry is thriving is because:

  1. Bad Economy – When the economy is great and you have a job, it sure sounds great to accept payments over thirty years. Then after the economy takes a downturn and you lose your job, you find that it would have been smarter to get that lump sum payment…after all, money on paper is only as good as the paper that it’s written on…
  2. Inflation – With inflation rising ever rapidly, wise people are deciding to “cash out” of their structured settlements early. By doing this, they could be saving themselves a lot of money because most structured settlements do not adjust with inflation. What that means is that if you are relying on your payments to live, then as inflation increases, you may have no choice but to downsize, and your standard of living may be effected.

Let’s state the obvious here…the structured settlement industry is around and thriving because they turn a profit, and a good profit at that. The one tip that you should take away from this is that it is extremely vital to do your research before committing yourself or signing any documents regarding a structured settlement “buy-out” or loan.

The structured settlement industry helps out many people that need quick access to their structured settlements, but make sure you deal with a legitimate and reputable firm, such as Einstein Structured Settlements. It is also advised to seek advice from a Financial Advisor  to help maintain and develop your portfolio.