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Structured Settlement Funding

Structured Settlement Funding is a way for people to cash-in their structured-settlement, and walk away with a large lump sum of cash. This can be a life-changing event. After all, any windfall of funds provides opportunities not available to those less fortunate. So, what this means, is that even though it was not good that you were injured in order to be the owner of a settlement-agreement, you are nonetheless very fortunate to have something that you can cash-in for a large lump-sum now.

Thanks to secondary transfer companies like the experts here at Einstein you may not take your money owed to you and have it all funded in one large lump sum. These are the commercials that you are used to seeing that say "It's My Money and I want it NOW". So get started today and get the funding that you need. It's a shame to have money waiting for you and not being able to receive it at once. Thanks to funders that we are connecting you with you are going to get the money that you need to start a new business. Purchase a home or to pay down debt and put food on the table.

Since the transfer process is court ordered and judge approved you have nothing to worry about and you are 100 percent protected.

The Structured Settlement

An injured party is going to be offered an out-of-court settlement in most cases. The attorney’s for the Defendant and the Claimant will have a sit-down, and come up with a reasonable agreement which will have to be approved by a Judge. If the Judge feels that it is in the best interests of the injured party, and their family, it will be approved.

The injury could be the result of a number of circumstances, such as: Workplace Accidents, Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Medical Mistakes, or any other Personal Injury Case. Structured Settlements are also used in Divorce Proceedings and Child Support Cases. Even Lottery Winnings are paid sometimes with a structured-settlement agreement.

I always explain to my clients that a structured-settlement agreement can be very creative, based on the needs of the claimant. It can start with a lump-sum of cash, and be followed up with periodic fixed-payments, for a fixed amount of time. It could be for a few years, all the way to a whole lifetime. There can even be provisions for future lump-sum payouts.

Why People Cash-Out

Sometimes people who own a settlement-agreement, or an annuity, are in need of cash, and want it now, not later. Their needs become immediate, and the payments they receive are no longer adequate to keep their finances above water. They happen to be lucky to have something that has a great value, and can be turned into cash.

I have several clients who have turned their lives around because they were fortunate enough to have an income stream that they could sell. Even though you have to Discount what you would have received if you waited for the full payout, it is worth the discount, because you will have an instant source of funding to take care of your financial ailments.

Don’t forget that an investor is going to lay out the lump-sum to give you based on receiving your future income-stream. You need to make it an attractive offer, hence the Discount. What you do with these funds is your business. One of my clients recently was offered an opportunity to buy into an ongoing, profitable business venture. They did so, and their financial condition turned around overnight.

Another client had multiple problems. He was behind on both his mortgage and car payments, and the kids were ready for college. The sale of their structured-settlement took care of all the missed payments, started the college tuition process, and left money for investments. This is why Structured Settlement Funding changes lives.