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Structured Settlement Fees

Structured Settlement Fees come into play when you want to sell your structured-settlement. That is the main fee for you to be concerned about. When the Defense purchases an annuity for you as part of the settlement agreement, they will pay any fees required. You would receive the tax-free payments on it for whatever the period of time that is specified.

The Structured Settlement

This is a very popular form of out-of-court settlement. The two sides get together, and come up with an agreement for a fixed amount of money, to be paid over a fixed amount of time. It can be adapted to Medical Negligence Cases, Divorce Proceedings, Attorney Fees, Lottery Winnings, and Personal Injury settlements.

It is a type of agreement that is very versatile, and can be custom-designed to meet the needs of the injured party. The claimant can receive fixed payments for any number of years. A lump-sum can be paid up front, followed by the fixed payments. Other lump-sum payments can be scheduled for the future, such as to fund a future need, like college tuition.

This has become a huge industry. The Federal, as well as State Governments have enacted laws regulating the sale of structured-settlements. It has clearly been shown that the courts favor a structured-settlement over lump-sum payouts.

The reason for this is also very clear, because people who receive large lump-sums may not act in a responsible manner. It used to be that if an insurance company settled a case involving a minor, they would give the parents the lump-sum payment. Oftentimes, the parents would spend the money on everything else but the welfare of the child. New cars, clothing, jewelry and home improvements were all fair game.

Selling The Structured Settlement

In a bad economy, everybody’s financial condition is subject to change, usually a negative change. Most structured-settlements can be sold for a large lump-sum of cash now, when you need it. I always tell my clients to proceed with caution. This is serious business. You are taking a future income stream and turning it into a windfall of funds.

The future income-stream can be replaced by the right kind of investments. Funds like this don’t pass-by every day, and some deep thought should be the order of the day. Yes, it can be a good thing, and yes, people have changed their lives with these funds. Some people have bought into an existing business, or started a new one. The point is that you can pay-off your debts, have money for college tuition, and not be afraid to answer the phone anymore.

When you sell the settlement, the factoring company will have a fee, this is what you will be shopping around for. You have to determine who has the best Structured Settlement Fees.