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Structured Settlement Factoring Companies

Structured Settlement Factoring Companies are who to call when you want to get a large lump-sum of cash in return for your structured settlement. There are a lot of factoring companies, but not too many that are specialists in structured settlement funding. If you want to get the most bang-for-the-buck, you need to go to a decent sized factoring outfit, like Einstein Structured Settlements, to get the highest Quote on your deal.

The Structured Settlement Agreement

The basis for this whole industry, is the structured-settlement agreement. This industry is reported to having exceeded $800M in settlements last year, and is still growing. This is because both sides of a claim like this arrangement. The Defendant can save money on his payout by purchasing an annuity from a large life insurance company.

A Defendant with a $1M settlement to pay, can buy an annuity worth $1M for about $600K.

That’s a good savings of money. The Claimant gets the $1M in fixed payments over a fixed period of time. Sometimes, this becomes a problem of not enough cash flow.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason is that you have a structured-settlement agreement. You might have been involved in a workplace accident, an auto accident, slip & fall, medical malpractice or any other personal-injury case. Lottery winnings can even present you with a structured settlement agreement.

Should You Sell?

More people are cashing-in their annuities then ever before. This is no doubt a sign of the times. The poor economic conditions affects all of us. Many people cannot keep-up their mortgage and car payments. They see themselves slipping into foreclosure, not a pretty picture.

Not everybody is in a position that they can turn their structured-settlement into cash now, when you need it. You don’t need it in ten years, you need it now. We understand this point. If you are one of the lucky few that have a settlement agreement that you can turn into cash, you are very fortunate.

While it was not fortunate that you became injured, it is fortunate that you can change your life for the better any time you are ready to cash-out. All you have to do is call a company like Einstein Structured Settlements, and ask for a Quote on your settlement agreement. You will be assigned an Account Executive, and this person will be there for you all the way through the entire process. All of your questions will be answered.

This could be a perfect opportunity to buy into an existing business, or start one of your own. Pay off your debts, and invest some money. You can replace the income stream through prudent investments. Don’t cash out and buy a new Bentley, and jewelry, etc. That would not be a great move. Speak to some Structured Settlement Factoring Companies. Contact us today for a free settlement quote.

The expert will make sure you know all about structured-settlements. He/she will explain that when a person is seriously injured in some type of accident, the structured settlement is always to be considered. You may have been injured as a result of a workplace accident, or an auto accident, medical malpractice or even a slip & fall. It could even involve lottery winnings.