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Structured Settlement Cash Out

A structured settlement cash out is one of the most often discussed topics between my clients and myself. No doubt that it is a sign of our times, the economy being so poor. It bothers me that so many people are losing their homes because they can’t make the mortgage payments, or they can’t send their kids to college because they don’t have the money for tuition.

If you have a structured settlement that you can sell for a lump sum of cash, consider yourself a lucky person. You have the opportunity to change your life, and your family’s lives, for the better. Oftentimes, it is a significant financial change that takes place.

The Structured Settlement

Just to keep things in a proper perspective, I want to make sure everybody understands the structured settlement concept. When a person is injured due to a workplace accident, slip & fall, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury case, very often the Defendant seeks an out-of-court settlement, fearing that they will do worse if it goes to trial, and they lose.

The attorney’s for both sides will get together with the injured party, and discuss what type of settlement should be offered. The injured party is under no obligation to accept any offer at all. The settlement plan is usually for a set amount of money, to be paid over a set period of time. It can even be for an entire lifetime, but usually for a set number of years.

The settlement offer can be quite creative to suit your needs. It can start with a lump sum cash payment, followed by a period of fixed payments for a fixed number of years.

Why Cash Out?

Simply stated, things change. It is usually because of financial problems, or to cash-in on a business opportunity. You may start out with the payments, which is great, but the time may come that you are getting behind on your mortgage and car payments. Maybe you lost your job, which is a real possibility these days. Or now you can’t afford health insurance any more, and you have new medical expenses.

You can sell your income-stream to an investor, who will give you a lump-sum of cash, for the promise of receiving the future payments. This sudden windfall of money can be just the thing you need to buy-in on an existing business, and improve your financial condition. It can also get you caught-up with all of your past-due bills, and leave some money left over to invest.

Don’t forget that there are ways to invest your money that will also give you a monthly income, but there may be certain tax ramifications that you will have to discuss with your accountant. The point is that if you have a structured settlement that you can turn into cash, a whole world of opportunity opens for you, and this the goal of a structured settlement cash out.