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Structured Settlement Cash Now Review

Receiving annuity, structured settlement or lottery payments on a month-to-month basis can be very advantageous. It becomes a slow and steady but reliable income stream. However, sometimes you need all the money upfront to handle an emergency or other sudden contingency. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely consider contacting Structured Settlement Cash Now right away!

The Premier Structured Settlement Company

In business since the beginning of the decade, Structured Settlement Cash Now is a premier structured settlement service provider based out of Pikesville, Maryland. They dominate the industry when it comes to topnotch customer service, superior business ethics and impressive client testimonials.

Trusting in Structured Settlement Cash Now means choosing the very best company in the industry to handle your settlement needs. You can rest assured that if you go with SSCN, you will wind up with a more-than-fair lump sum payment courtesy of the company’s very reasonable discount rate.

A Reputation For Excellence

Though in business for a relatively short time, Structured Settlement Cash Now has already earned a reputation for excellence. You need only read similar reviews to learn how the company has exceeded its clients’ expectations over and over again. In fact, it even exceeded our own expectations, which is why we chose to write this.

First and foremost, the company has set up an in-depth website that contains a bevy of helpful articles pertaining to settlement payments. You can also browse press releases, take advantage of a settlement calculator or request a personal quote. We recommend checking out the website yourself if you don’t believe us.

Also, the company strives to offer the very best customer service. You can ring them up at 1-877-392-8106 at any time if you need answers. We ourselves spoke with a few reps, and we found them to be very informative but neither pushy nor in a rush. We were able to get all our questioned answered in detail, and that pleased us.

How It All Works


So you are probably wondering how the whole process works. We already went through it, so we are now going to run you through it so that you better understand.


  1. The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly how much of your settlement you want to liquidate. It’s not necessary to liquate all of it.


  1. You’ll then want to email Structured Settlement Cash Now through its website, call the company at 1-877-392-8106 or visit it in person at 1829 Reisterstown Road, Suite #350, Pikesville, Maryland, 21208. Why? You’ll need to figure out your options, of course.


  1. Once you have discussed your situation and reached a conclusion (chosen a plan), you’ll then need to fill out all required paperwork and submit it back to the company.


  1. After SSCN receives the forms, it’ll verify all the information and then schedule a court appearance.


  1. If the court approves the settlement lump sum payment, you’ll then be given your payment either via direct deposit or a wire transfer.

Do realize that this whole process can take anywhere between 45 and 90 days to finish. However, the company will stand alongside you through the whole ordeal if any questions or problems arise.

Why Choosing The Best Means Choosing SSCN

We sincerely believe that, if you want a lump sum payment for a structured settlement, you should definitely choose Structured Settlement Cash Now. The company will take care of all your needs and ensure that you step out of its doors a happy customer. Anybody can provide lump sum payments, but only SSCN can provide it with class, sophistication and topnotch service.