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Structured Insurance Settlement

When faced with financial hardship, one must do everything they can to make ends meet.  Though the supposed security of a structured settlement may seem like support, many times it does not work that way.  Their lives can be made better by seizing the opportunities available to them, and that could mean they sell their structured insurance settlement.

Structured insurance settlements are out of court settlements meant to provide long term support for victims of accidents.  They can be awarded for many different kinds of accidents, including car accidents, work related injuries, worker’s compensation, and lead poisoning.  They can also be given for both legal and medical malpractice suits.  These are accidents where the victim may be out of work for a long time, so the payments are meant to provide support during this time, and the structure is meant to keep the victim for using the money on so called frivolous expenditures.  Sometimes, though, the structured settlement can work against the victim it is supposed to help.

Unforeseen Problems With Selling Future Payments

Unforeseen problems can often crop up after an accident.  Since the structured settlement will be earmarked for certain expenses, it can often not be used for these problems.  Besides, if the problem doesn’t occur on schedule, the payment may be a long way off.  These are the occasions when selling a structured settlement may be the answer.

When selling a structured settlement, the victim must have a good reason to sell.  The victim must convince a judge of this reason.  This is because the judge wants to make sure that the money is needed, and will not be wasted.  There are many different reasons to sell a structured settlement.  A victim might need to pay their medical bills, or consolidate other debt.  If the victim was in a car accident, they might need to repair their car or buy a new vehicle to go to work.  As long as the judge believes the sale is warranted, the money will be theirs.

Selling a Structured Settlement is a Serious Decision

Selling a structured settlement is a decision that takes a lot of thought.  Though the victim may feel comfortable with their small, sporadic payments, in reality, they are just serving the insurance company, which has taken their settlement and invested it, keeping the profits for themselves.  The insurance company wants to keep the victim locked in a cycle of victimhood, unable to extricate themselves from a bad situation.

Selling a structured settlement can put a victim back on the road to being an active participant in their own lives.  Instead of waiting around for small checks they can pay their bills and get rid of debt.   Selling a structured settlement can be their ticket to freedom.