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Structured Financial Associates In My Area?

Looking for a structured financial associate in your area that can help you with your financial needs after a lawsuit? Depending on what it is that you want  to do with one of our structured financial associates we are glad to assist you in transferring and exchanging your future payments in any of the 50 states for a one time cash advance. This can range from advances from $5,000 to $150,000 in an advance.

There is also a company called Structured Financial Associates which will align you with an advisor and or a Structured Settlement Specialist who can be bilingual speaking both English & Spanish to help out the strong Latin and Mexican population who is looking to sell their settlement payment rights. Experts range from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Vermont, New York, Maryland, and all over the entire country.

Their website goes into a great depth of helpful literature and information about the industry and thus validates them as a resource to help you learn more about the process and attitude of both receiving a structure as well as the overall process that facilitates selling these payments.

There are 3 options that typically happen after a lawsuit. If you are yielded a victory then you can receive a cash settlement. This would be a tax free lump sum payment but it will be less than the amount in a structure. This is often the direction the lawyers and financial advisors want you to take. With a safe and reliable stream of income that is backed by a reliable insurance company. A tax free structured settlement annuity is exactly that option that you want to take. Finally the last option that is available is a trust managed by an attorney. 

The company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and has a local phone number of 770-393-1028