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Strategic Settlements, LLC Reviews

According to a recent report from the structured settlement buying company CBC Settlement Funding. There is a company ran by Ms. Heely who previously worked at J.G. Wentowrth  and than left that company in Radnor, Pennsylvania to start up a company called Rescue Capital. As of late their website was taken out of Google for violiating their terms of service which is a big penatly and no-no in the algorithms eyes. From there they have since closed down their Pennsylvania office.

Today the company has been reincarnated as Stategic Settlements LLC in Jacksonville, Florida. If you have any reviews, BBB (Better Business Bureau) postings, complaints, and scam reports about Strategic Settlements a buyer of annuity payments then please do contact us and let us know so we can let those looking to sell thier payments if the company is reputable or not.