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Strategic Capital New York - Structured Settlement Purchaser

10/13/2014 One of the lesser known brand names in the secondary factoring industry is a company strategiccapital.com. The company is based out of the worlds financial Hub down the street from Wall Street in New York, New York.  The company operates in all 50 states and has been purcahsing lottery and casino winnings since 1994. As of today they have purchased over 1.6 billion dollars in payment rights and do not believe in advertising on television. Like Einstein they know that the bonus comes directly to their clients for advertising less and passing on that savings to the consumer.

Investment Annuity payments is the other strategy behind the initial business model for StratCap. They shifted slightly with regulation in the secondary structured settlement industry in 2000. That is when they got heavy in the purchasing and transfer process for annuitants who need cash now.

They are a member of the National Assocation of Settlement Purchasers which is more commonly called NASP. They also are known to help those who are looking to sell structured insurance settlement payments and those who want to sell future payment rights that have yet to be received.

When looking to sell your annuity, lottery payment, or lawsuit settlement you must look at everything from a strategic capital point of view. As we act as a specialty finance company it's important to make sure that we maximize your settlement and put the maximum amount of cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

Working in the factoring industry we know that you want to work with an ethical, trusting, and reliable buyer who is going to deliver on their promises of cash in your pocket as quickly as possible. Our industry and series of clients works as such: We offer you the Annuitant (holder of the settlement) a PV (present value) amount by selling off a piece/percentage or all of your future payments for one gigiantic lump sum of cash in your bank account. 

We work with you to decide what the most efficient and strategic capital stance to take. We go through a review process with you so that you can determine which percentage of your lump sum deal you would like to sell off and how quickly we can get it to you thus the strategy that best fits your personal and lifestyle needs.

If you have any questions feel free to call us toll free or setup an appointment to come into our office to discuss your deal today.

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The companies official mailing address and corporate headquarters is
575 Madison Ave
Suite Number 1006
New York City, NY 10022-2511
Their office toll free phone number is 866.256.0088 and if you need to send a fax you can do so at 866-233-0863.