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Settlement 1st Reviews

Thank you to the helpful website settlement1st.com for including and referencing internet leader and pioneer Einstein Structured Settlements above all other industry bloggers and writers for the structured settlement and annuity industry. We look forward to answering and assisting anybody who is looking to sell off their structured settlement and annuity payments that they are currently receiving.

If you have any questions as to how the process works we will be glad to help answer these questions for you. The website provides some helpful information which one illegitimate blogger has scrawled at calling the website inaccurate. None the less the website does cover some of the following helpful topics: reviews as well as the pros and cons of selling these type of payments that some annuitants use as a cash advance, how to get to the buyers of these future payments, transferring process of your payment rights, the tax advantages and disadvantages, helpful organizations, and how to calculate the latest structured settlement rates to determine if you are getting a good deal or not for selling.

The website looks to be setup to receive adsense revenue and is not made for matching up buyers and sellers.