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Settlement Giant Reviews

By taking a different approach to the settlement funding process the old alumni from the JG Wentworth and Peachtree Settlement company has formed a settlement buying outfit that focuses on educating the consumer and has a disclaimer so that the potential seller knows that the website is not a solicitation to purchase their annuity or settlement payments just because they are visiting their educational website and reading information about selling off their settlement payment rights.

The company consists of structured settlement all stars from the industry such as Ivan Acevedo, Christian Katzman, Robert Biscardi, and Adam C. Altman acting as Settlement Giant LLC's general counsel. The website settlementgiant.com also has a great setup where users can input their state, insurance company, how many payments they are set to receive and when and get an idea of what their future payments are worth as a lump sum payment today. They also list a document list that potential transferees should have such as an annuity policy (qualified assignment), copy of bank statements with the annuity deposit, drivers license, social securty card, divorce decrees, settlement agreement from the personal injury attorney or plaintiffs attorney, death certificates of any decased spouses, and if a life contingent deal is being done a Fasano report.

The website states that you can start a better financial health for yourself and get started with an assesment for yourself. There are no online reviews positive or negative about Settlement Giant currently. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out for a quote or help.