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Settlement Capital Corporation - Settle4cash.com

SetCap.com offers to purchase your annuity, structured settlement payments, and lottery winnings. They have facilitated over 1 Billion dollars in future payments purchased from people just like yourself.

Settleme Capital Corporation Problems

In a Google Search this is one of the results with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.ORG) rating showing up as the top search result. Their rating is an A+ with the better business bureau but like all of the other companies that are listed in their index they have complaints against them all that have been resovled. You can read about the many negative reviews and the tons of complaints that the BBB has as they are not a legitimate resource to tell you if a company is valid or not CLICK HERE TO READ THE MANY POSTINGS on why you can't trust them.

So having said that we can not say that Settlement Capital Corporation is a bad company as they have endured years in the business and do not seem to have any real legitimate negative reviews against them. Of course you can always price shop with Einstein and our many affiliates to see who is going to offer you the most cash for your future insurance payments.

Their mailing address and corporate Office Phone number:

14755 Preston Rd., Ste. 130
Dallas, TX 75254
Settleme Capital Corporation Phone Number: 1-800-959-0065

After sustaining 25 years in the factoring industry kudpos is given to Settle4cash.com as a member of the secondary structured settlement market an industry ripe with controversy, phony watchdogs, and negative reviews. We applaud SetCap for their diligent work.