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Seneca Loans

Looking for a loan against your structured settlement or lottery payments? Well our payment setup helps out everybody who needs money or a loan. What we do is we will go over the amount of money or pay outs that are due to you as a result of the personal injury case. We call it our Seneca Loan campaign because according to the Dictionary "Seneca" - was a member of the biggest tribe of a confederacy of the North American Indian tribe for the Iroquois. They had inhabeted the Western New York region and were conspicuous in the wars both south & west of New York, Ohios,Ontario, and Michigan's famous Lake Erie.

So how do these Seneca loans work and are they only for clients who are of Indian decent? That is a great question. We do not discriminate we have clients who are of all sorts of different backgrounds. We are not the Western Sky type of company that advertised on television with 500 fast cash annuity advances using a Pochachantas like spokesperson. We are here to help you and can give you a loan with no interested and no strings attached if you are planning on selling your settlement to us.