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Structured Settlement Sellers Benefits and Drawbacks

There are many benefits and drawbacks to selling a structured settlemnt before it's expiration date. For those of you who have life contingent payments you should know that the biggest drawback that you will face is both getting your deal approved and if you are able to get it approved it's having proper life insurance hedged against the risk of default in your life.

Life is a crazy thing and we never know what might happen and when. If you are a seller of a payment and your life depends on you receiving the money then it is best advised that you go to the gym and work out, you do not smoke, you stop drinking regularly if not all together, and you watch what you eat. Try organic foods to help increase your metabolism, lower your cholesterol, and change your lifestyle to a more healthy one that drinks lots of water and gets 8 hours of rest a night. If this does not sound feasible then sell your strucutred settlement payments immediately because there is no telling how long your settlement payments will last if you do not take care of yourself and only you and your family stand to suffer.

With your family suffering if you die and with the money you were due to receive no longer coming in it is often times a great idea to trade in your money for a lump sum pay out. Of course you will need to consult with us first so that we can guide and help you out on the best practices and ideas for selling your monthly payments or future lump sum.

Premiums, Underwritiing, and life insurance is all considered and done by the insurance company that wrote you the payments in the first place. Let us handle them as you handle your life and we will put the cash in your hand.

Drawback of being a Structured Settlement Seller?

The benefit is selling and getting cash to hedge off the risk of dying early and having to change your lifestyle. However the drawback that may come of this is not receiving as much money if inflation is running high and the cost of living goes up and up and up. Nobody has a crystal ball so we can not tell you if it is a good idea or not and anybody who tries to tell you that it is or is not is lying to you and should be ignored immedaitely. We want you to feel comfortable selling your payments knowing that your drawback is a chance of less money in the future but if you can have more money now then you can go on a spending spree to purchase your first home, buy a business, and end up making a lot more money then you would have had you not sold in the first place.