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Sell Settlement Payments

Trying to get ahead in life but your monthly payments are keeping you behind? If so then you have an option to sell of your structured payments that you are receiving as a result of lawsuit in the secondary structured settlement market for a lump sum cash payment. How it works is very easy. First you can either fill out the form above with your name, email address, working telephone number, and any further information about your current insurance payments that you are receiving and we will be glad to help get you an accurate quote based on the time value of money of what your future payments are worth if you were to sell them today.

Why Would Someobdy Want To Sell Their Settlement Payments?

Great question. What we have found is that we are providng you the cash that you need to help pay your bills. Whether its the kids are hungry, the mortgage needs to be paid, you need help because times are rough and your not working and you have this payment that you get each month and you had no idea that you could cash it in, you want to start a business, or any other financial investment that you wish to make with the lump sum you will be receiving from the strcutured funding experts here at Einstein.

So get ahead and stop falling behind on your finances. The process can take up to 3 months from start to finish but the end result becomes a transfer of ownership that goes from the insurance company paying yourself a future payment or payments into the hands of the investor (Einstein takes the liberty of setting all of this up to you) and getting you a large lump sum payment wired right to your bank account for you to spend on the important things that you need.

We will send somebody out to your house right away to sign the paperwork and get everything you need all you have to do is contact us today about the sale of your future payments.