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Pain & Suffer + Structured Settlements

Noticed that you got into a car accident. You were badly injured and the judge decided that it would be best to give you some money for your pain and suffering. That sounds reasonable correct? Well the judge, your personal injury attorney, and in some cases a jury felt that it was best to structure your winnings in a way that you can't touch all of your money up front. Instead you only get to have a little tiny bit at a time.

Does this work for you after your horrific automobile accident that you were involved in? Well in some cases yes but as the plaintiff here it is not enough for your pain and suffering and after all it is "Your money and you want it now" so lets explore what type of options you have moving forward.

Option 1:

Keep The Money That is Regulated and Coming in Each month. With that money you can most likely afford to pay your basic bills and living expenses such as car insurance, car payment, pre-paid phone bills with no data and no smartphone access, and rent at a very basic apartment. You will have to shop at the grocery store unless your payments are greater then $4,000 a month.

Option 2:

You can trade in your future payments in exchange for a large lump sum, get a good paying job because you can afford to take out student loans for college and have some extra spending and living money to get you through till you graduate and get a high paying job. Use your pain and suffering money that you received wisely and we can help you maximize your settlement pay out and get through college or fix up your house. Whatever it is you need assistance with we are glad to help you.