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Sell My Payment? Learn How to Sell Your Payment For a Lump Sum

Each and every year there are thousands of lottery winners and even more people who end up in the courtroom with a judgement against an insurance company that results in a payout which lawyers often advise their clients to take not a lump sum but a structured settlement. This means (and each and every case is very unique) that the plaintiff will receive from said insurnace company such as AIG or John Hancock that they will get an initial payment of xx,xxx amount of dollars followed by monthly payments for a fixed amount and at the end of the term they will get another lump sum payment. 

Some of these payments may be whats called life contingent and others may not be. Either case you may have these payments and yu need to sell them off for more money because you want to start a business, you want to pay off the mortgage, purchase a home, or start a business. No matter what the case is you will have to go through a court approved process (for your safety) and then you can cash in your old settlement in exchange for a lump sum at one time. You can sell pieces of your payment or you can sell off the entire thing. The choice is entirely up to you. 

We can help you and or advise you on who else can help you "SELL MY PAYMENT" in exchange for cash. We ask for you to contact us using the safe and secure form above with more information about your structured settlement and we can give you the best advice on selling it. In many cases it does not make sense to sell it and if that is the case then we will certainly tell you so.