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Sell my Annuity Payments lump sum

It is time to sell off your annuity payments in exchange for a large lump sum? If you are contemplating doing so then Einstein can give you advice on what is positive and negative abou the sale process. There are multiple annuities and certain ones are transferrable for a large one time payment and others are not.

Some of the most common transferrable annuities are SPIA's which stands for Single Premium Investment Annuity. A lot of our clients inherit these assets and like the steady stream of income but later on decide that an up front payment is better then receiving many small payments over the life of the asset.

Other common sale types are Deffered, Variable, and Fixed annuities that our clients are receiving. The issue is when an annuity is inherited the client needs more money and that is why they opt to go through the approval process for transferring the payments for a larger lump sum. We also specialize in Structured Settlements and Lottery Winnings. You may have a million dollars in six years but if you can't touch the money today what good is it being a millionaire with no money? We help you to get your money today in the form of a lump sum.