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Updated 1/22/2015

What are the largest lottery winnings of all time? Well here are the top 5 biggest winners and we are able to help them get more cash for their lottery winnings just like we are going to help you.

1.  3 Winners in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas State purchased the Mega Millions for a cash grand prize of $471,000,000.00

2.  4 Winners in December of 2013 won the Mega Millions again for $648,000,000.00. These lucky residents came from Georgia and the golden state of California. Since it was a split these winners took home less than the Mega Millions at the number 1 spot.
3. 3 Winners of the Powerball in May of 2013 in Florida FOR 590.5 million dollars.
4. Powerball winner for 370,900,000.00 which is the largest take home by a single individual not just a lottery pool or multiple winners.
5. Powerball winner in November of 2012 won $587,500,000.00 VIA two tickets in Missouri and Arizona. 

We have transferred over $80 million dollars in lottery and casino winnings. With our help we are able to help facilitate the tranfer process in less than 1 week. You will get the cash you need and as a bonus we will give you a cash advance against your lottery earnings.

If you hit the jackpot and have a large casino, gambling, or lottery winning and you want to collect all of your money up front than you are in luck. We provide the biggest opportunity to collect all of your lottery earnings in one BIG payment. Thanks to Einstein structured settlement we let you cash out without anybody telling you that there is a limit on the amount of money you can receive. Thanks to our services you get all of the money in one large Lump Sum.

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With thousands hitting the jackpot this year either making a lot of money at the casino or in a state run lottery it doesn't matter to us. What does it helping you to maximize your cash payments into one large lump sum when you need it because times are tough and you have to pay the bills. We would not want you to suffer and thus you should not have to. Pay the bills when you have to and enjoy doing it without having the worry of surviving because your monthly payments from your winnings are not large enough.

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