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Sell My GABC Annuity Payments for Cash

Guaranty Association Benefits Company (GABC), is a not for profit captive insurance company and is located in our nations Capital. Thanks to the creation of 40 state life and health insurance GA's helped by ELNY which stands for the Executive Life Insurance Company of New York. These payments can be purchased for cash from Einsteins associates who help you to facilitate the sale with no strings attached.

 Guaranty associations help to provide continious coverage and paying claims even though a receivership cout entered into a liquidation situation and a finding of insolvency against ELNY on 4/16/2012 happened. 

Please note that Guaranty Association Benefits Company does not sell insurance policies or annuities, and it does no business other than pay benefits to ELNY payees and certificate holders pursuant to the Restructuring Plan but having said that you can still sell your GABC payments to us for a lump sum of cash without any questions asked.

Get a free quote for selling these payouts that are owed to you as well as any other annuities that you may have.