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A 3 trillion dollar industry, structured settlements have become the standard way for insurance companies to settle cases with payouts of more than $100,000.  Ostensibly designed to provide care for a victim over an extended period of time, the truth is that these settlements often do not perform to the expectations of the victim. If the funding that you received was ample at the time but is no longer then do not worry. There are thousands of annuitants in situations just like yourself. 

Started in the 1960’s as a response to the Thalidomide crisis, structured settlements are insurance payouts of a large sum delivered in portions on a schedule.  These payments can come weekly, monthly, or annually.  These payments are for the victim of an accident to take care of the costs and expenses.  They are parsed out for specific reasons, often ignoring extraneous expenses that can arise.  Since the reasons the victim is receiving the money are specific, they normally can’t use the funds for other expenses.  A judge decides what the needs of the victim are, and what those needs will cost. If a victim is finding that those restrictions are keeping them from being able to keep up a quality of life, that’s when the idea of selling the settlement or a portion of a settlement can seem like a good idea.

A seller can even sell future payments.  If they receive their settlement in lump sums, it is possible for them to sell future payments down the line.  This way, the victim can continue to receive money for a while, and start planning to be stable on the back end.  This allows for the victim to have extra money now to be prepared for the future, which is what anyone really wants, safety in the future.

An injury from an accident is not necessarily the only problem someone with a structured settlement may have.  Debt can accumulate.  Home repairs or upgrades may be needed to help the victim’s mobility.  All of these are valid reasons for needing funds, but the small payments that come from structured settlements may not cut it.

Selling a structured settlement can put a victim in the driver’s seat.  No longer would they have to rely on small amounts of money coming in sporadically, hoping they can hang on until the next payment.  The large lump sum that is received from selling a structured settlement can make all those pressures go away.

A victim doesn’t need to receive call after call from debt collectors and creditors looking for payments on medical bills.  A victim with lowered mobility doesn’t have to feel like a prisoner in their own house, unable to get around because what once worked in their old life is not functional in their new one.

By deciding to sell their structured settlement, the victim can take their life back.  They can use the lump sum received to take care of the problems facing them and their families.  A structured settlement should be there to help a victim, not keep them feeling trapped.  Sometimes, selling is the only way to keep that from happening.