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Sell Athene annuity payments

Athene Annuity company took over a previous provider and underwriter of structured settlement and annuity payments. This company was known as Aviva Life. Since Athene is the new owner they will be the company that can help facilitate a transfer of current payments that you are due to receive in the future in exchange for a large lump sum payment.

The goal of the Athene Annuity company is to help people with their financial prepardness. Living out your retirement years to the fullest and being an innovative provider of fixed annuities is their business. Retirees are living even longer and having the money to facilitate that is important and that is where a company like Athene comes in.

The parent company Athene Holdings License to date also specializes in the reinsurance business. Their specialiy is United States retirement & savings for residents. The company purchased Liberty Life Insurance company back in 2011 as well as a buyout of Investors Insurance Corporation in July of 2011. With these two acquisitions this helped to sky rocket the company as one fo the leaders of holding fixed annuity payments that can be sold and transferred using a company like Einstein Structured Settlements.

To grow even bigger the company purchased Presidential Life Insurance company which was ran out of long island, New York. This division services just the state of New York. With a conservative approach and reliable payment streams a lot of our clients who hold paper and payments from an Athene insurance or annuity company like their payments but often want their cash now.  

For more information about Athene the insurance Giant you can visit their official annuity website