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Select Funders We Continue to pay more for Structured Settlement Payments

Do any of our faithful readers have any information regarding Selectfunders.com aka Select Funders based out of Chicago, Ilinois. They list their toll free number on their website as 1-877-220-5745 and there website contains resources and information on if you have to sell your entire settlement, how long the sale process, works and if a judge has to approve it, and how much your settlement payments are worth. 

They also provide testimonials on what their "clients" have said as testimonials for selling off their life contingent payments and how happy they were to work with Select Funders. You can also get a cash advance with their help or you can work with Einstein to get a nice cash advance and money for your future insurnace payouts with us paying you top dollar because we want to earn your business and work with you again in the future.

Their website states (with spelling errors) that they also purchase Guaranteed, Life Contingent, Deferred, & Immediate annuity payments. We have not read any reviews and do not take this posting as an endorsement of Select Funders. Please seek out a financial adviser and do your own diligence before working with any company in the secondary structured settlement market. The diligence process should consist of speaking with the sales representative, a conversation with the owner of the company (if the owner won't speak with you then why would you want to work with a company in this industry?), and of course please ignore the Better Business Bureau as they are not a legitimate means of measuring a companys credibility.