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Secure horizon settlements reviews

Secure Horizon Settlements is a buyer of structured settlement payments. They advertise their services in 49 out of the 50 states with the exclusion of Utah according to their website.

They specialize in paying out lump sums of money for lottery winnings and advertise a toll free phone number of 1-855-747-3278 for anybody who is interested in selling their lottery winnings that they are receiving in a structure as opposed to getting the money all at once.

The companies official website can be found at http://securehorizonsettlements.com and the site has been live since 2013 and as of April 6, 2014 they are purchasing settlement payments. The SHS Fast Cash Program allows those who are receiving periodic payments to obtain a large lump sum according to company writer Sam Walters.

SHS currently does not have any negative reviews or scam complaints at the Better Business Bureau. While we have not done business with them we can not vouch for them one way or the other but say with confidence that their probably is a connection to Stone street as their mailing and office address is:

10605 Concord St,

Kensington, MD 20895