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The Structured Settlement Secondary Market Actions

If you are a holder of paper that will be paying you monthly or future payments as a result of a lawsuit and you are looking to cash that in exchange for a lump sum payment then you very well may have noticed the numerous television commercials that offer you an opportunity to trade up for a cash now payment in exchange for part or all of your future insurance payments.

Most people have no idea what this is called but that is whay companies have had to pay big dollars and marketing campaigns to run national media campaigns advertising the financial service. This industry is called the secondary structured settlement market. You are free from mailers, emails, banner advertisements, and phone calls until you end up selling your first set of payment streams. When this happens your information is then placed in a courthouse database and from there you can expect to receive mailers with fake checks offering you money if you want to sell off the rest of your payments should you have any left to sell.

You can also expect to start receiving phone calls from different brokers and "experts" who can advise you on how much money you would have received should you had decided to sell to their "Secondary Structured Settlement Firm".

The secondary market differs greatly from the primary market and many holders of the insurance paper do not even know what they have. The 2nd market is at a connundrum because some of the individuals looking to sell are in desperate need of the money and very thankful for the different offers they are getting as opposed to just one if they choose not to shop around. So the secondary market is ambivalent to the clients they deal with. You can't please everybody but expect to get a lot of offers if you have sold payments before.

If you work in the primary market is it that there just isn't enough money that the insurance companies want to pay out the first go around or do people who receive these settlement payouts expect that they will have more money and thus the reason and anticipation of greater financial spending that results in the almost need to sell the payments off to avoid any default on their home? There are a lot of open questions in the industry and the primary is much more regulated then the secondary. While the latter does not need regulation as it's very small in terms of transactions conducted each year and is a court approved process we do have to ask ourselves what would you want changed about the industry?