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Structured Settlement Registry Information

As of right now there is not an official structured settlement registry where annuitants and holders of these type of payments have to register their information. A registry would be a great idea so that you could accurately track all of the individuals and companies who currently own the structured settlement payment rights.

Many people have settlement payments for different reasons some of them are from a wrongful death case lawsuit, an accident, and others have them because they are considered very "safe" and reliable payment streams that generate a quality decent return on investment. If there was a registration of structured settlement annuitants it would not be something of public information in one place as there are potnetial scams and negative implications of having that public data in one place.

There is a website however called structuredsettlementregistry.com but it has no forebearance or information on an official registration where you are required to fill out your payment information which may include but not limited to Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, Insurance company paying you, the frequency of payments, when payments are due, when they expire, and the amounts for the payments.