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Sell Qualified Settlement Fund Payments

We receive dozens of phone calls each and every day. We are asked about selling qualified settlement fund payments and we feel that some education and information about this should be distributed on our website for those looking to sell.

The trust under the applicable state laws was created to help hold onto settlement proceeds after a large settlement such as the BP spill disaster or a Walmart class action is settled. (we are not saying all cases from those companies are QSF's)

This tool is beneficial in that is will help to ensure proper counseling after the settlement proceeds have been distributed for the first time. Valuable allocation of funds is very important in these special and unique cases. Post settlement related issues will come up from time to time and a qualified settlement fund is very important in these cases.

One of the main reasons for a plaintiff to participate in a QSF is to release all claims and liability arising from a cause of action as well as receiving a current year tax deduction for monies into a qualified settlement fund. There are many more complications and things to go over about a fund like this that we can cover when we speak with you about your current payments.