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Prudential Insurance Company of America Structured Settlement Selling

Have you a structured settlement payment or annuity that the paper work says is from the Prudential Life insurance company? If so then you may or may not be aware that your family can get money in a big one time payment for the money that is owed to you. Prudential has been issuing structured settlement annuity contracts since 1984 and is a leader in issuing these types of settlements. The periodic payments that are paid out from Prudential monthly numbers in the thousands. In fact the official prudential website states that they have around 50,000 dependents as of March 20, 2014. Their full product line offers immediate and deferred payouts as well as a plethora of annuities.

These annuities come in the form of  single and joint life annuities, and medical underwritten annuities. Also it is worth noting the extremely high ratings for their insurance company and their products. They are ranked in the top 3 for "Best Structured Settlement Annuity Providers" by the 4th annual NY Law Journal reader rankings. Their attention to detai and help is second to none. If you were going to sell one of these payments you have from them we would be glad to help you facilitate that and get an idea on how much money you are eligible to receive.

Insurance products and services that the Prudential Retirment Insurance and annuities divisions offers are done out of two main offices. One is located in Hartford, Connecticut and the other is in Newark, New Jersey. You can reach their corporate headquarters toll free at 888-244-6237.