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Review on Prosperity Partners A Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments

You have seen the commercials of the singing opera house and the people who are out there trying to help you get the money you need. Whether it's an offer a check as a cash advance, offering to pay your mortgage or rent payments, or helping you to pay your IRS tax debt to ensure that you are not falling behind the 8 ball there are ways to be helped.

Einstein Structured Settlements is proud to be a purchaser who can get you the money you need right away.

Prosperity Partners is based in Lake Park, Florida which is in the central part of the state by Walt Disney Word. They have a local Palm Beach County phone number at 561-622-6000. Their mailing address is:
1015 10th street

Lake Park, FL 33403

The company offers to purchase personal injury structured settlement payments that you are receiving and can also call them toll free at: (800) 509-1648.
They are listed with the BBB and have a good standing but have 2 complaints and 0 scam reports about Prosperity Partners. So if you are interested in selling your payment rights then you can work with a few reputable companies. We are glad to shop around your insurance pay outs and get you a competing quote so you can make as much money as possible while working with somebody who cares about you and has your best interest in mind.