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Structured Settlement Process

Have you ever wondered how do those who get injured in car accidents, work related accidents, and life threatening illinesses survive when they can not go back to work? Each and every year millions of American citizens deal with the consequences of a changing life due to negligence on the behalf of others. Whether it's at the factory, coal mine, or on the road. Injury whether we like it or not it simply happens and is out of our control.

In these cases the injured party typically ends up receiving compensation from the offending parties insurance corporation. The payout is not in a lump sum however but comes in the form of a "Structured Settlement" which is typically a steady stream of perioidic payments to the injured party. 

Most recipients of the structured settlements will be okay with the steady stream of payments as it may fit their current lifestyle. What they often end up finding down the road that it no longer fits them as unexpected bills come up and expenses need to be paid that the structured settlement or their annuity doesnt cover.

This is where the structured settlement process comes into play and Einstein uses his genius to help you get the funding you need to pay your bills. We will go over a step by step breakdown of the process below on how we offer cash now for settlement payouts, and how we can purchase these monthly payouts for one LARGE lump sum.

The Structured Settlement Process Step by Step and How to Cash Out for a Large Lump Sum Payment

1) Lookup a reputable buyout company also known as a factoring or funding company. In this case you found leader Einstein Structured Settlements. Ask your representative about getting a lump sum for your current payments.

2) Let your representative determine if you end up qualifying for a large lump sum cash payout. You can cash out a percentage/piece of your settlment now or you can do it all in a one time deal. We work with you to figure out what is best for you.

3) When you accept our lump sum cash offer, we work with you to collect all of the needed legal documents & have you send it to the company headquarters.

4) A representative at the structured settlement firm will review the processed documents and confirm that they are valid. Then they will contact the insurance company who is paying out the settlement.

5) The next step takes the longest but don't worry the process is almost done and you will have a large lump sum payment soon. We work with the proper county courthouse to find a judge who will approve the payment trasnfer to the proper funding company in exchange for a lump sum of cash. It takes 2-3 months but can take a little bit longer or shorter depending on the court, state, and judicial process.

6) The Judge gives the stamp of approval and you get the cash now that you were looking for. If the approval happens than the funding company writes you a large lump sum payment check and you get your cash now.

Hope this helps explain the 6 steps involved in the structured settlement process. If you have any other questions than please do contact us today for a free quote to cash out your payments.