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Structured Settlement Procedure

The structured settlement sales process is very easy. We are able to walk you through the entire process from start to finish and put a lump sum of money into your bank account in no time. We know that times get tough and you need more money as each passing day goes on.

We are there to assist you in the procedures where you will learn from the minute you see an advertisement for a structured settlement company on television to the moment that you see in your mailbox that offer to sell your future payments for a lump sum of cash what it is that you can receive.

Here is how the Sale Process for a Structured Settlement Works

You pick up the telephone and speak with a qualified service representive. That representative will present to you your options for selling your structured settlement annuity payment rights. These payments are created as a result of a personal injury case or accident that you may have been involved in. At the current time to sell you will need to have payments being received or due to be received. If so then the advisor will let you know how many payments you can sell and how much money you will receive in current dollars.

A special calculator is used to determine the amount of money you will get. With the sale comes the next step. This step is the signing of the documents once the payment rights can be verified. Once they are verified a notary will come out to your home or apartment to help you understand what you are signing and how you will be able to setup a court date through the assistance of the secondary transfer company that you have been dealing with.

From there your payment streams and court date is set and all you have to do is show up plead your case and if approved then the money is all yours and will be transferred to your account.

If you decide in the future that you would like more money then a sale and transfer can be done again but the process is still the same. Typical timeframe for a loan from a company like Einstein is 24 hours but the total process takes approximately 90 days depending on your local laws, judge, court system, and other factors which we can explain on th telephone.