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Patriot Settlement Resources Company Reviews - Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement From This Company

Patriot Settlement Resources is a member of NASP also known as the National Association of Settlement Purchasers. This is a small memberships based community with some of the most well known names in the structured settlement industry. This is the only community organization in the Secondary Market that was created to help keep things fair, competitive, and transparent with their members.

The company Patriot Settlement Resources advertises on their website that they help you to receive cash fast. They specialize in payouts in lump sums for Lottery Winnings, Casino Jackpots, Structured settlements, and annuities. According to Zoominfo.com Neil Lemelman is listed as the Director and the companies office headquarters are listed in South Florida's premiere city Boca Raton, Florida. The Patriot Settlement Resource address is listed as:

2799 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Their office phone number is 561-394-8151

There is one instance of a negative review from a Houston, Texas native who claimed that the company netted $40,000 from a transaction that they were selling their future guaranteed payments and things did not turn out as well as they had hoped. The spelling on the ripoffreport is not very good and the accuracy may or may not be true but we can not verify as the consumer website allows anybody to post anything they want online without them having to justify any accuracy to a story. The story claims that their lawyers were not properly prepapred for court and that caused the client to have to pay more money out of their settlement payments. Anybody in the industry however will note that there is a lot of complications towards completing a structured settlement payment right transfer and unless you hear both sides of the story it is hard to determine. The number listed on the report is 713-840-6480.

Patriot Settlement does have an A+ review on the Better Business Bureau (BBB.ORG Website) but has one complaint lodged and as we know the BBB is a huge scam and con artist website as they allow users to have thousands of complaints and negative reviews whiile still maintaining an A rating. None the less we can say with a strong degree of confidence that the company Patriot Resources LLC does not have a lot of negative commentary about them online and is most likely a reputable buyer of annuity payments.

You can reach them at their corporate office toll free at (866) 506-2274

(866) 506-2274
(866) 506-2274