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Patricia A. LaBorde is in charge of the company Stone Street Capital in Bethesda, Maryland.  Her title and position is Senior Vice President and Structured Settlement Division Counsel. As you may know the company is one of the oldest and most successful players in the factoring industry and secondary market for transferring future payments that are exchanged for a lump sum.

Patricia Can be reached directly in Montgomery county at:
(301) 951-2130

If you need to send a fax to Stone Street Structured Settlements then you can do so at:

(301) 347-4450

For additional questions and inquiries to Patricia A. Labordge you can email her directly at Plaborde@stonestreet.com.

Other representatives at the company are Samuel Gawad in the lottery business.

Sam A. Gawad, Jr., Esq.
Chief Operating Officer and Division Counsel
Lottery Division
Stone Street Capital, L.L.C.
7316 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
tel:     301-951-2152
fax:     301-347-4303
email:  sgawad@stonestreet.com