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Structured settlement partners

Are you looking to partner with somebody who will help you through these tough financial times? If so the reviews are in and Einstein is the company to help you when times are tough financially. Whether it was a big financial sweepstakes, lottery, casino/jackpot winnings, or a personal injury that you or a loved one suffered that sent you into the court of law and had you coming out with money that was yours but you couldn't touch for a few years we are here to help you.

As your structured settlement partner from Texas to Washington to Alaska all the way down to Florida we help out people just like yourself all over the entire country every single week. We will set you up with your very own personalized representative who understands your wants and needs. If you need a cash advance we can discuss doing that for you as well. There are only a few direct lenders that can help you get the much needed funding that you are looking for.

The sale Process with Us as Your Partner?

Think of it as a transfer not a sale. A sale is a discount and a partner is not looking to discount you. We pay fair rates and have a process for transferring the money from your insurance company into a lump sum. We are needed to help facilitate the process and are glad to help you out in every way possible.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in getting set up with your very own prosperity partner for the structured settlement annuity transfer then contact us today.