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Ozark Funding Group

Ozark Funding is yet another buyer in the secondary structured settlement market. You will find that if you are in need of raising money to help you to pay your bills or need to make an investment then the sale of your future payments in exchange for a lump sum may not be a bad idea. Ozark is based in southwestern Missouri and can be reached at their office number at: 866-894-7377.

They also purchase pre-settlement and lottery payments from those are looking to cash in on settlement payouts via a quick lump sum. The mailing address and office location for Ozark Fundng is: 1722-W South Glenstone Ave. Suite 112 - Springfield, Missouri 65804

Ozark Funding Reviews?

Well the Better businss bureau is at it again with a A rating for this factoring company. Of course read through the rest of the helpful articles here at Einstein Structured Settlements where we proudly let you know how the BBB really works and why you need to be very weary of anybody who would want to join this organization as they are rifled with scams and troubling issues.