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Of Structured Settlements

Time to cash in and pay your bills because the future value of your dollar is unknown but the money you need today is 100% 4real. So why waste time trying to hold out on the monthly payments that are not large enough. Now is the time to sell your settlement payments for the cash funding that you need.

Life throws a lot of curveballs at you and the payments that you are receiving as a result of a lawsuit are not ideal because they barely cover your monthly expenses. The wire comes in and the money is spent before you even know it. So thanks to the secondary strucutre settlement market we can help you cash in on your old payments and turn that money into a Large lump sum.

Whether it's a lottery winning, casino jackpot payment, structured-settlement, or a an annuity we are here to help you transfer those payments on over so that you can enjoy your life without the stress of struggling each and every day. In the end it's your money and you want it now. It's your money use it when you need it not when you decide you want it. With our "OF STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS" program you are able to make the transition into getting small payments into a quick lump sum that will translate into you enjoying your life and having the money you need to survive.

The transfer process is safe and easy and we welcome all visitors here at Einstein Structured Settlements to get a free consultation so that we can explain how we can advance you money while we transfer the monthly payments over. The process is simple and we want to educate you on how it works while getting you the money you need to pay your bills and survive.

We look forward to working with you.

-The Einstein Team