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NuPoint Funding Reviews

1/7/2018-- Update on the latest Structured Settement Companies based in south Florida. NuPoint Funding offers to purchase your structured settlement and annuity payments that are owed to you in the future for a specified dollar amount today. The total amount of money you are offered is based on the time value of money, current rates, how far out your money is due, if your payment is life contingent or non life contingent, and a handful of other relevant factors that determine how big of a lump sum you may receive today.

Their office phone number according to the Boca Raton chamber of commerce is (561) 300-0780 and according to their official website nupointfunding.com you can reach them toll free at   (877) 635-3150

Their website lets users know the difference in the value of money back in 1957 for purchasing a car, house, and gas compared to what that money is worth today. This is a good way to spin the benefits of selling a future payment, annuity, or lottery payment early to a company like NuPoint as opposed to holding on to that money and trying to invest it yourself.

Nu Point Funding is a newcomer to the industry but the principals of the company do have over 25 years of combined hands on experience in the factor and structured funding industry which is a big positive. They have an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB Rating A -) but have 0 complaints, scams, or ripoffs written about them since inception.

While we have never spoken with or done business with NuPoint we are unable to give a true assessment but they do pass the initial sniff test according to Einstein.

Nupoint Funding LLC, Location

NuPoint Funding lists a Florida address for their company and according to their website their office address is:

1200 N Federal Hwy Suite 205 Boca Raton, FL 33432