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Novation Settlement Solutions Reviews

Novation Structured Settlement Solutions is a south Florida based company that purchases structured settlement annuity payment rights in the secondary market. According to the website Structured-Settlement Quotes they talk about a famous case blogged about by a gentleman named Johnathon Darer in April of 2006 named Jamel Knight. What happened with Mr. Knight is he was involved in a personal injury lawsuit and ended up settling for over 1.5 million dollars via a lump sum pay out and a structure of $400,000 which was ordered to be paid out over time each month at just under $2,000 dollars a month guaranteed for the next thirty years.

The story is that  it was denied and thus the risk that all annuitants do face when looking to trade in their payment rights for a lump sum. There are a lot of complications that can stop you from receiving your money if a judge deems that your case is not fit for a transfer. Does this mean that Noation Settlement Solutions is not a viable firm? Absolutely not. While we have no relations or business connections to them we can not say that a denied case in a structured settlement court case is a reason to avoid a company.

Better business bureau or BBB listings are also to be ignored as any scam writings or reviews on the bbb's website can be manipulated and are not viable. Some of the listed experts from Novation as noted on their webiste are Robert Ton, Andy Slocum, Justin Restivo, Evan Kaye, Jaime Dacosta, and Stan Begovic.

The current office address for Novation is listed as:

1641 Worthington Road Suite 410

This company is located in West Palm Beach, Florida with a toll free phone number of 1-800-337-6406