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Northeastern Capital Funding LLC

Commonly called Capital Funding LLC is a New York State based structured settlement and annuity purchasing company. Structured Settlement, Lottery, and Life settlements are purchased through their company which happens to be based out of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan the Empire State building.

Revews on Capital Funding LLC

They have been in business since 1997 and tragically had an office location in the World Trade Center which was destroyed via terrorist attacks on Septebmer 11th, 2001 and thus the move uptown from downtown to the Empire State Building. Luckily their firm suffered no causilities and only specialize in lump sum payoffs. They are not members of NASP but do attend the conferences as guests.

A search on the BBB shows that they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau but do not have any major complaints or scam reports about their structured settlement transfer business. They are one of only a few structured funding companies based in the Empire State.

They are located in suite 3304 in New York New Yok zip code 10118 and have a fax number posted as 212 432 7259 on their website.