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It’s a well known fact that most personal injury claims are resolved by settlement agreement versus formal courtroom proceeding.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between ninety-five and ninety-six percent (95% – 96%) of all personal injury lawsuits settle before trial.  The primary reason, simply stated, is the substantial cost associated with trials.  Consequently, attorneys, insurance companies, and even the courts recognize the advantage of early dispute resolution and encourage the negotiation of settlement agreements.

Notwithstanding the likelihood of a pre-trial settlement, a significantly lesser known fact is that personal injury claims rarely resolve quickly.  If liability is obvious, injuries are proven and well-documented by experts, and appropriate insurance exists, it’s reasonable to assume a related claim will settle easily and promptly.  Unfortunately, the route to settlement is paved with a wide range of detours and delays.  Depending on the number of parties involved and the extent of investigation necessary, completion of a personal injury claim is likely to require a minimum of six months to three years.

Time being merciless, the financial hardship incurred by personal injury victims is a regrettable and disturbing side effect to the process of justice and reparation.  Medical bills, lost income, and cost of living expenses continue to accumulate while the injured await negotiation and signing of settlement agreements and, finally, issuance of proceeds.  All too often, such economic strain results in pressure-induced decisions and unwise choices.

The negative consequences of resolving a personal injury claim too quickly are infinite and irreparable.  Well aware of the destitution endured by most injured parties and their immediate need for money, many insurance companies and attorneys will advocate an early settlement coupled with a general release of all existing and future claims.  Such agreements typically include a settlement payment substantially lower than fair value, and are tendered prior to a proper determination of total damages or before complete recovery of the injured party.  Accepting such an early compromise or deal is irrevocable and provides no remedy for potential or unforeseen complications which may later develop as a result of the initial injury.

So what is an injured person to do?  Struggle and agonize over money matters for an indefinite period of time?  Accept an early settlement offer for an amount potentially less than what is deserved?  Are you in a similar predicament?  If so, there is a third and better option.

Einstein Structured Settlement specializes in the support of individuals encumbered by the hardships of pending litigation and structured settlements.  While traditional banking institutions and loan establishments are unwilling to lend or advance money secured or guaranteed by a pending lawsuit, Einstein Structured Settlement can help.  Recognizing and considerate of an injured party’s need for immediate cash, and without compromising the fair value of a pending settlement, Einstein Structured Settlement provides financial funding to compensate for the lost income, medical costs, and everyday living expenses critical to an injured party’s immediate well being – and before settlement of the related lawsuit.

“Pre-settlement funding,” also known as “lawsuit advances” are not loans.  Similar in theory to attorney contingency agreements, companies which provide pre-settlement funding services carefully evaluate the merits, expected value, and anticipated timeframe of an individual lawsuit.  Based on this analysis, and cooperative discussion with the injured party’s attorney, a determination is made regarding available funding.  At the request and with consent of the injured party, money is advanced in exchange for a security lien assigned to the pending lawsuit.  Unlike a loan, the injured party’s obligation to pay back the advanced funding is contingent on the ultimate success of the lawsuit; in other words, if an injured party does not recover from his or her lawsuit, he or she is not required to refund or pay back the advance.  Pre-settlement funding is an act of confidence in a lawsuit with zero risk to the injured party.

While the Internet and directory services list hundreds of businesses which provide pre-settlement funding services, few share Einstein Structured Settlement’s dedication to “service with compassion and commitment to client education.”  Focused on meeting and exceeding clients’ needs and expectations, Einstein Structured Settlement strives to say “YES” when others say “no.”  Its team of highly trained and experienced professionals vigorously examines every facet of a lawsuit and every formula of a pending settlement in order to maximize the probability of approval and amount of advance.  Moreover, Einstein Structured Settlement’s service process has been designed to ensure the highest level of communication and comprehension.  All decisions related to a lawsuit or settlement, including but not limited to pre-settlement funding and sale of structured settlements, requires an absolute understanding of the associated benefits and disadvantages.  With great patience and clarity, Einstein Structured Settlement’s team of professionals expends the time necessary to ensure every client question is answered thoroughly and accurately, resulting in an unequivocal understanding of all procedures and consequences.

If you or someone you know is an injured party to an existing lawsuit and in need of immediate financial support, we encourage you to contact Einstein Structured Settlement by telephone at 888-497-0724 or by completing the electronic inquiry at http://www.einsteinstructuredsettlements.com/.

Einstein Structured Settlement specializes in the support of individuals encumbered by the financial hardships of pending litigation and structured settlements.  Einstein Structured Settlement is not a law firm, does not engage in the practice of law or supply legal advice, and does not provide attorney referrals.  Einstein Structured Settlement is committed to affording its services in a manner estimated to meet and exceed all client expectations and within all applicable state and federal laws.