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National Association of Settlement Purchasers

Th NASP is the only professional trade organization that is currently available to join for those who do business in the secondary structured settlement market. The NASP is there to ensure that the secondary market withholds standards of ethic, integrity, and sustains the viability of business in the secondary market. They just wrapped up their annual conference which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada this year and the organization has many benefits to it's members such as:

Professional Development & Education where you can learn about ways you can avoid losses and problems in the industry, updates on the latest legal issues and news about anything that is new in the structured settlement world such as providers issuing new paper and those exiting the industry. They also set you up with a fraud database to avoid jokesters and fakers who are out to just waste your time.

The qualifications for membership according to their website are as follows:

  • Be substantially involved in the secondary market
  • Be primarily financed by non-affiliated third party investors
  • Have transacted significant, demonstrable originations and/or brokerage activities, for a minimum period of one year immediately before applying for membership

There current members are the following companies based around North America:

123 Lump Sum, Novation CApital, Annuity Transfers LTD, PAtriot Settlement Resources, Bank of the Internet Federal Bank, Peachtree Settlement Funding, CLient First Settlement Funding, Seneca One, LLC, Genex Capital, Settlement Capital Corporation, Imperial Structured Settlements, Singer Asset Finance Company, J.G. Wentworth, Stone Street Capital, Northeraster Capital, and Strategic Capital of Toronto.

The NASP current Treasurer is Andrew Savysky.