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MTAG Services Structured Settlement Buyer

Involved in a situation where you have an asset that you need to liquidate but you can not touch it at the moment. There is a company called MTAG Services, LLC that is based out of the Washington, D.C. suburb of Prince Georges County also known as P.G. county.

They currently maintain a service staff that helps for the servicing side of structured settlements. They deal with the insurance companies just like we do as well as the investors who are buying your payments as M Tag is not a direct buyer but rather a broker. Originators of the payments and portfolio experts are all involved in the transferring process when working with MTGS.

Part of their portfolio of services for personal injury settlements are proactive payment collection services, reporting, splitting of payments and getting you the rest of the payments owed, and auditing your settlement to verify that you still have money out in the future.

The current mailing address for the company is:

MTAG Services, LLC
PO Box 4038
Capitol Heights, MD 20791

According to the website they have local office presence in two other major cities such as NYC, Connecticut (a major hub for insurance companies and financial experts), and the Maryland, D.C., Virginia area. Those numbers are listed as 1-866-404-4200, 800-750-9210, 866-511-3868, and 888-237-4497 that they offer on their website mtagservices.com.