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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities Inc Review Boca Raton

10/3/2014 -- If you are looking for a broker who can purchase your payment rights then you have a few options. One such company that looks to be run by sole proprietor MJ is based out of  southern Palm Beach county's largest city Boca Raton, Florida.

Not Michael Jordan but rather a structured settlement and annuity helps to re-assign future payments that are owed to you as a result of a lawsuit to pay you up front cash in the form of a lump sum. They also buy lottery and annuities that you may be currently receiving. According to CEO Todd Lesk they are always working to ensure that the payout matches with and is in line with the big picture of the clients future plans. They also deal with Pensions, IRA, and deferred payments. 

If you have an annuity payment that you are looking to sell off for a large lump sum then the Einstein Group is a feasible solution. We have been known to offer more money up front for your future payments as a loan to help get you through these tough times. Legal Counsel and the insurance companies love working with us and the testimonials and proof to back it up has been extremely helpful in our growing operations.

The office is located on 301 Yamato Rd Suite #3200,

Boca Raton, FL 33431

The MJ Structured Settlement Annuities Office number is: (888) 723-3007

There are no reviews, complaints, or scambook reports about MJ Structured Settlements and Client First Settlement Funding does seem to have an office at the same address listed for MJ SSA Inc.