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Structured Settlement Medicare Set Aside

Those injured on the job and receiving workers compensation are not candidates who can sell their payment rights in exchange for a lump sum. If you have a wrongful death or court ordered payments that you are getting then you will be able to work with the Einstein staff for getting your payments transitioned from you to the new annuitant owner in exchange for a large cashed out lump sum.

Structured settlements are very beneficial in helping to come to a resolution in a workers comp. claims case that involves MSA's. MSA's stand for Medicare Set Asides. Workmans Compensation and Wokers' compensation injuries that cause full time disability also known as permanent disability end up as prime candidates to receive their payments as structured. Unfortunately if you go down this path and do that we are unable to buy workes comp. payments and exchange them into a one time lump sum payout. 

The annuity and settlement industry is very complex in many ways and we welcome you to learn more from Einstein and his settlement experts.