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What is the meaning of a Structured Settlement?

Have you heard the commercials. I have a structured settlement and I need cash now? Well you are trying to figure out what the hell a structured settlement really is. The official definition is as follows: a financial instrument or insurance arrangement that includes periodic and future payments that a claimant accpets to resolve a lawsuit. 

The name is derived because the future cash payments are "Structured" to be paid out at certain intervals. These payments made through an annuity system were originally created to pay out injured victims for their losses as compensation. The opposite of a "structured settlement" is a Lump Sum Cash payment or lump sum settlement where all of the money is paid at one interval as opposed to payouts over time.

In 1982 the United States Congress enacted a special legislation and they have been favored as a safe economic way for injured parties to sustain future economic dependability thanks to their services. Most of those involved in a structured settlement at the time of court need the funds to cover expenses and then down the road should they feel they want to cash in for a large lump settlement then they may do so with the help of a secondary transfer party such as Einstein.