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Guest Post by: Jonathon Smith

Ready to Get a large lump sum payment now? Some companies like to promise the best competitive price but then add in a little bit of fine print. Whether you are a lottery winner, prize winner, or a settlement holder you can trade in your future or current payments that you are getting and receive a "Lump Sum" of capital.

If you ar looking for a buyer of your payment rights and need a big lump sum payment then you will be ablel to work with an industry leader with years of experience. There are companies that are legitimate that have great reviews and other companies that do not have the best history and complaints with the Better business bureau. LSC is not one of the companies and is a 5 star buyer of your casino winnings. Get a free quote today from them.

Update We have accepted this guest post back in 2013 from but wanted to give been told that Lump Sum Capital, LLC which is located in Montgomery County Maryland.  The office address for Lump Sum Capital is 7920 Norfolk Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Seneca One Finance, Incorporated.