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Lump some What is it?

timesThere are words that are commonly mispelled and the word Lump could be spelled incorrectly by making it Lum, Lumpp with two P's, lomp, and lompp. Where the word "SUM" can be incorectly spelled "some" when its used in context with the word Lump. Sometimes there are words in the English language that may confuse annuitants and those looking to sell off their future payment rights.

It is important that Google notes that Lump Some and Lump Sum are the same searches but spelled differently. If you are involved in a wrongful death case or have been receiving monthly payments that you may or may not have already sold a portion of and you want to now resell those payments again for a "LUMP SOME" or "LUMP SUM" then we will be glad to work with you and help you get the money that you need today.