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Looking for a Loan Against Settlement?

The official and legal name in the industry for this is caused a presettlement loan or advance. It is nothing like a payday loan or cash advance against your paycheck. Speak with our representatives to discuss your upcoming lawsuit settlement and we can give you a quote on how much cash & gift cards we may be able to advance to you in exchange for part or all of your settlement today.

With Einsteins help you will not have to wait to receive the money. As you know court cases can take years to finish up and thats a very long time for you to be waiting for your money. If you were injured in a car or automobile accident and have medical bills that are piling high prior to your court case then we can help you but there are a lot of our clients who have been out of work and need to spend the money on basic living expenses but can not because the up coming court case has been so stressful and kept them out of work. 

Pending personal injury cases, Commercial Litigation, Class Action Lawsuits workers compensation, and medical malpractice Cases

These lawsuit advances are the most common as personal injury claims and workers comp. have kept you off the clock but yet the bills continue to come in. So learn more today about the advantages of getting a pre-settlement cash advance also kown as a lawsuit loan against your pending/upcoming case.